April 12, 2018

How impossible can it be to find the right shoes! Varying sizes, different brands and styles, which should you choose?  No two feet are ever the same – not even when they are attached to the same body. 

Shoes that are too small, as well as, shoes that are too big...

November 2, 2017

It's surprisingly easy to make a homemade gel-pack when injuries arise. It only takes a few house hold items!

Freeze a drink bottle

One of the oldest methods, and makes for an extra cold beverage

Soak a sponge

Soak a clean sponge in cold water and let the excess water drip...

October 5, 2017

Competitions are a lot of fun and we want everyone to have an awesome day. From stress and nerves, to helpful tips, here is some advice on how to deal with all that is involved in preparation and on the day.

To dance really well and confidently, try to pump yourself up....

September 14, 2017

Our brain is made up of hundreds of millions of tiny cells called neurons. Their connections are what help us to think, feel and do everything that we can do by sending messages from our brain to the body and vice versa.

Dancing is so much more than all the fun in the...