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Knee Pads: Preventing Injuries

Knees are the largest joint in the body. They are vital for any type of upright activity, such as walking, standing, and of course dancing! The knee by itself has little protection. Using knee pads while you dance can significantly reduce future damage to muscles, ligaments and bones of the knee.

Over a lifetime, the knee wears down, even if you only engage in normal activity (walking, sitting, jumping, etc.). Knee pads can help slow down this every day wear and tear process of the joint.

There is only a very thin layer of skin and muscle over the kneecap (patella bone); not much cushion to prevent injury if you fall. Any type of dance that requires lots of falling or floor work may cause knee injury. Knee pads can keep from damaging the patella, as well as, surrounding ligaments and muscles.

Common and serious knee injuries include:

  • Tendinitis/ tendinosis: small tears or inflammation of tendons

  • Pica syndrome: knee ligaments unnaturally fold or become thicker

  • Bursitis: inflammation of the small fluid sacs that lubricate and cushion the knee

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome: pain at the front of the knee in relation to the knee cap

  • Tears of the meniscus: may require surgery as the rubbery cushion protects the joint

Knee pads can also boost the confidence of a dancer. Being hesitant of falling or “using” the floor in a style such as contemporary, can impact your performance. Knee pads can give you that extra push to try new, exciting and different tricks and choreography, extending you further towards your full dance potential.

We stock a stretchy sleeve soft knee pad, which slide over the leg to cover the back of the knee. This type can help connect your thigh muscles to the calf muscles at the back and sides of the knee, supports the joint, and reduce chances of overextending or collapsing.

Come in store to purchase our affordable knee pads, available in black and flesh!

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