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Healthy Competition

Competitions are a lot of fun and we want everyone to have an awesome day. From stress and nerves, to helpful tips, here is some advice on how to deal with all that is involved in preparation and on the day.

To dance really well and confidently, try to pump yourself up. It’s as simple as smiling, shaking your limbs and looking upwards. Everyone is nervous and wants to do their best, but if you can remain relatively calm, this good stress will turn into adrenaline, giving you an edge on the competition.

Be kind backstage. Encourage all performers, even from other studios. You may encounter some angry, rude, etc. dancers. Everyone has bad days so just ignore what is said and stay focused on positivity. Remember to be respectful, courteous and polite to your dance teacher and parents. That means no arguing in dressing rooms or fighting between numbers. Bad behaviour reflects badly (we have all seen Dance Moms!), and is very disrespectful. Build your studio, company or school reputation by being polite and pleasant dancers.

Practice proper audience etiquette. Cheer for everyone. Respect fellow dancers by remaining quiet during their performances. Encourage other team mates and performers. Don’t act condescending towards those who may not have performed to your standards or expectation. Dance should be fun. While competitions are serious, no one is perfect.

Positive thinking is very important. Be careful of negative thinking that may come up by watching other competitors. These thoughts are very harmful to the quality of your performance; stay positive! To counteract these bad thoughts, think of something funny.

Take deep long breaths. Visual your dance being done perfectly rather than the possible errors you can make. Remember why you are doing this and how much you love to dance. Dance to the audience, really perform it. That is essentially what makes you a real dancer.

If you make a mistake on stage, forget your steps or fall, it doesn’t necessarily impact the outcome of your score. Stay focused, keep going and smiling because you are on stage; you still have a chance to impress. In preparation to the day, learning to freestyle dance is a great way to fill “error gaps”. That way, if something happens you know how to keep dancing effortlessly until you pick up the rehearsed choreography.

Be gracious and a good sport. You dance different every day, different judges have different opinions and are looking for different things. Whether you place first or last, be proud of the hard work and effort you have put in, the improvements you can make and the amazing time and fun you had sharing your love for dance.

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