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DZ SPOTLIGHT: Ashlee Skinner

Ashlee is one of our fun, energetic and talented customers who always comes into the store with a friendly smile. She is celebrating her 20th year of dancing at Innis Dance Studio, with none other than her best friend Danika.

"We are the best of friends and have been through everything together and it's all thanks to dance!"

They both started dancing together at the age of two years old. Look at them striking a pose in their gorgeous little costumes ready for their first concert (how cute!!). Their wonderful commitment, persistence and dedication throughout the years is beyond admirable. Twenty two years later, Danika and Ashlee have built a friendship that will last a lifetime and that’s all thanks to the love of dance!

​It’s safe to say, dancing creates friendships like no other. From being hot and sweaty after every class, to walking around in next to nothing backstage…the bobby pins, the makeup, the glitter and the sequins… to another 5, 6, 7, 8. Dance friends really are the best and we would never love dance as much without them! Tag your dancing besties below in our comments section and tell them why they are the best!

If you want to be featured as part of our DZ Spotlight, email us your dance story at

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