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WONDER WORKOUTS: How to Improve as a Dancer Outside of Class

Here are some ways to increase stamina and cardiovascular health, build strength and improve posture, qualities all very important for any type of dancer.

These types of workouts aiming to develop the body’s overall core strength, balance and flexibility. Be ready to get sweaty!

Yoga and Pilates

Pilates and/or yoga can help develop lean, long muscles in your legs, arms and glutes. Doing it on the regular basis can increase muscle strength, tone and flexibility targeting your core muscles. This type of workout can also help develop balance and muscular control.

There are some amazing and affordable local studios that offer classes, otherwise, search YouTube for online classes you can do at home.


Cardio exercises are essential to become fit and build stamina to endure high energy dances. During aerobic activities, you begin to breathe more deeply and faster, increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood. Your heart begins to beat faster and this maximizes blood flow to your muscles. Endorphin's are released, which make us feel good and act as a natural painkiller.

You can start slowly by going for a walk, increasing the time and pace as you feel is necessary. Half an hour each day is all it takes to see drastic improvements. Other cardio exercise could include running (either jogging or sprints), swimming, stair climbing, bicycling, elliptical training or rowing. That three minute dance will become a breeze in no time!

Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training is a super easy and effective workout. It can be adjusted to any fitness level and there are endless exercises and variations to target our whole body in their own unique way. It can also build core strength, flexibility, balance and injury prevention.

Whether you want to gain more arm strength for acro or stronger leg muscles for jumps and leaps, this can all be achieved using these kind of exercises. It can be done anywhere and all you need is yourself, so the most amazing part; it's affordable and free!

Here are some examples of body weight training workout exercises:

- Push ups

- Squats

- Pull ups

- Burpees

- Sit ups

- Tuck Jumps

- Planks

For the best results, make sure your diet is healthy. Try to eat fresh, raw food and whole grains and avoid anything from a package as these sorts of food can usually lead to a heavy, bloated feeling in the stomach. Keep in mind, these are just a few examples, but any other form of physical activity is great to help you improve for dance class. We recommend to always mix it up by trying new or different exercises to see the most improvement.

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