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Five Health Benefits of Dance


Great posture and a strong core is major part of most if not all dance styles. When dancing it is important to remember chins forward, chest up and shoulders back. Long hours at school or at a desk hunched over a laptop can lead to back pain and possible long term spinal issues, Posture practice in dance, not only improves back strength and avoid back pain. It also aids breathing and digestion.


Not only are these two skills necessary for dancing, but they are also important in everyday life, especially as we age. For many people, (you may be surprised), trying to touch their toes or even balancing on one leg is a difficult task. Dance not only improves flexibility and balance, but also encourages blood flow and confidence. Warm-up and cool-down sessions are essential before and after dance classes.


There are many different styles of dance. Some controlled and slow, others quick and fast paced. Regardless of which style you choose to participate in you are guaranteed a workout, improving muscle tone and burning calories at the same time. People may not realise how important building muscle is, as it boosts your metabolic rates by burning calories throughout the day. Dancing has to be the funnest way to get fit!


As we dance, our brain releases a special neurotransmitters called endorphins. "Runner's high" is an experience after prolonged exercise where endorphins and other brain compounds are triggered causing a euphoric response. So in simplest terms, dancing makes you happy!


Dance is a great bonding activity to socialise and form life long friendships. It can build the support and confidence needed to unleash your free and creative self. Making your own choreography by yourself or with friends is just as amazing as freestyling and allowing your body to connect with the music. Dance can help you unleash your creative juices and who better to do it with than the people who you laugh, stretch and sweat with.

Dance really is amazing! Why do you love to dance? Let us know below and tag your favourite dance friends.

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