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The Ugly Swan Scream-Free® Palm Flexi Hair Brush takes the pain and tears out of hair brushing time for good. 

With a compact, palm-sized shape, the Palm Flexi is a perfect hair brush for children or travel brush. 

It’s safe for use on hair extensions and also gentle enough for those with sensitive scalps or sensory issues.

The Palm Flexi Brush tackles up-dos with ease and is perfect for fine or short hair. 

It uses dual bristle technology with nylon pins and boar bristles that work together to detangle the hair gently whilst reducing frizz for beautifully shinier, healthier hair.

The complete Ugly Swan Scream-Free™ Detangling Brush range has flexible bristles that give a gentle brush for sensitive scalps every time.

Ugly Swan Scream-Free Palm Hair Brush: Palm Flexi - Premium Range

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