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Positive Dance Affirmations

Being healthy isn't just about your body, it also includes your mind. Many people find that learning to move their bodies can help develop a positive self-image. This is not surprising, as dancing can help you feel more comfortable, confident and happy in your own skin, which can carry over to all aspects of life.

When students feel great about themselves in dance class, words of encouragement and an optimistic attitude can go a long way.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements written in present tense. They are repeated to yourself whenever necessary to imprint their message within your mind. These can be used throughout the day to keep your head filled with powerful, positive and happy thoughts.

These can be used for any aspect of life, however, here are some examples to help lift your positivity in dance class:

Instead of:

I give up

This is too hard

I suck at this

I made a mistake

I can’t do hip hop, ballet, tap, etc.

She’s such a good dancer, I will never be that good

That’s good enough

I will never get any better

Try saying:

I can do it!

This will take time and effort.

What must I do to improve?

Learning from my mistakes will make me a better dancer.

Other styles are a challenge I’m willing to try.

I am also a good dancer with my own unique skills and talents.

Is this really the best I can do?

I will keep trying as there is always room for improvement


5 things to tell yourself before dance class:

  1. Today is a good day to dance.

  2. Even if I am not the best in the class, I will do my best. I am unique. Only I dance like me.

  3. No matter what I will have a happy, positive, focused attitude in class.

  4. I will learn at least one skill today to improve my technique.

  5. I am thankful of my instructors as teachers, my role models as inspiration, other dancers for the many memories, laughter and company throughout this journey, and all the other people in my life that make it possible to express and share my love of dance!


Things to remember…

Dance can be challenging. It is frustrating when the most basic of moves seem to be too difficult. Remember that you, like everyone else did, have to start somewhere. Consider that even the best dancers in the world faced challenges when they started out, as well. Facing a step that is difficult and giving you trouble is not easy, especially when you watch other students pick up everything on the first try. Remind yourself that not everyone has the same talents and skills, and everyone develops at different rates. Instead of focusing on others, focus on what you’re capable of.

Compliment yourself. Everyone loves to hear great things about themselves. Whether it’s directly related to dance or even the new positive attitude you have acquired from reading this, make sure you compliment yourself and why not others too! This can also boost confidence of their improving skills.

Keep a healthy, positive attitude. In any dance class there is bound to always be some level of competition, it’s practically human nature! A little playful competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as it stays positive, light and healthy.

Pre-dance playlist. Music can affect your mood. Create a playlist that is upbeat and fun. Regardless of how bad of a day you have had, no matter what has happened, listen to this before class and you will be ready to focus on a positive dance lesson.

Set goals. Clarify your vision or what you want to achieve. Break this down into goals and tackle these challenges one at a time. Be patient, work day by day, and if you really want it to happen, make it happen. Imagine the feeling when you are where you want to be. Focus your time and energy on these personal accomplishments rather than competition with others.

When you feel good about yourself, it carries over to every other part of your life.

Hold your head higher, smile more and spread your positivity. Although it may seem like “just a dance class”, using these techniques, it can make all the difference to your day!

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